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Magnetic Island Solar Park Public Art Presentation
1 November 2011

Magnetic Island residents and friends applauded the artistic talent of 13 local artists on Saturday whose designs had been chosen to be laser cut into the steel fins that will support the Magnetic Island Solar Park.

The presentation, held at the Solar City Smart Lifestyle Centre, honoured the creators of the iconic Magnetic Island, sporty and solar-inspired artwork.

It was a difficult task for the judges with almost 30 designs to choose from, submitted by artists from Magnetic Island and Townsville after three artistic workshops were held in various locations.

Four designs drawn by children were selected for the skate park which will host the biggest array of solar panels, over 90 kilowatts.

The successful works and artists were:

Around and about                             William Cook (year 8)                     

Stick mania                                        Brittany Wetherspoon (year 9)

Half pipe and Chain of life                Gerry Mullaly (age 8)

Magnetic Island                                 Madeleine Wallace (age 5)            

Amongst the kapoks                         Vonnie Van Bemmel                       

My backyard                                      Robyn Cumming                              

Reflections                                         Denise Weightman                          

Horseshoes and solar panels          Alison McDonald                              

The game of life                                Sonia Ward                                      

Magnetic attractions                         Margaret Crawford                          

Hoop pine                                          Lynn Scott-Cumming                       

Go team                                             Lynda Onton-O’Shea                       

Ripples                                               Claire Bamforth                                

The four Solar Park pavilions include shade for the skate park, visitor sporting teams, home team and community stage and the new picnic pavilion. Foundation work commences in November and the steel fins containing the public art will be erected in February and March. The solar park will be complete and operational by May, 2011.

The Magnetic Island Solar Park is an important element of the Townsville Queensland Solar City project, an award winning initiative that is part of the Australian Government’s Solar Cities Program.

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