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Showcase Developments


There are a number of showcase developments associated with the Solar City project.

Rocky Springs residential development

This project has not progressed as anticipated as a result of unexpected issues arising out of the permit approval process across all three levels of government.

Delfin have successfully trialled energy efficiency guidelines leading to a comprehensive covenant covering all houses on the Rocky springs Development that requires the incorporation of sustainable bulding design.

Riverway residential development

Honeycombes Property Group have developed stage 1 of a Medium Density Residential Development, Itara. Itara is a contemporary, medium-density residential complex of 284 apartments, as part of a masterplanned, staged development. The absolute waterfront development is located on the Ross River at Riverway, Thuringowa, offering unsurpassed views.

Itara responds to its stunning natural surrounds with environmentally sensitive design principles, earning the design an enviable energy rating of 7.7.

Unfortunately further stages of the Riverway Development have been delayed due to decline of the residential market. This resulted in the transfer of the ESD measures from Itara Riverway to Central, a masterplanned mixed use development in the Townsville CBD and the inclusion of Honeycombes Development Managers Pty Ltd (HDM) as the consortium partner. The developments in the Townsville CBD are known as Holborn and Kensignton Apartments.

The market within Townsville’s CBD has been more favourable for residential developments and HPG has now recently completed the Holborn Apartments (Stage 2 of a multi stage master planned redevelopment of the former Queensland Rail North Yards site). The Holborn Apartments consisting of 78 Apartments has received the same level of energy efficiency upgrades as Itara over the business as usual specification. All these 78 were fitted with interval meters, an appliance stock-take was performed for each and a non-specific energy consumption data was uploaded to the DCCEE on a monthly basis since January 2012.

The Kensington Apartments (Stage 3) occupies a 1,859sqm site in front of the Holborn Apartments facing Flinders Street and have 44 one- and two-bedroom units above ground-level parking. Amenities include a pool and barbecue area and other recreation facilities which shared the first level with terrace apartments. A more enhanced ESD program has been implemented for this development. All the 44 apartments were sold with three months of release to the marked which is a great testament to the quality of the product offered to the market.

Activity Schedule Outcome
A summary of the key outcomes for Holborn Apartments which was achieved in the current financial year are as follows:

• Hot Water Plant Assessment and Trial
A central Gas Fitted hotwater operated by body corporate was installed which will reduce the running cost and the maintenance cost for the 44 Kensington Apartments;
• Energy Efficient Lighting Trial and Solar PV
All the 78 Apartments were fitted with energy efficient lighting;
• Design and Cooling Trial
Energy efficient fans, insulation, tinted windows, screens, Demand Response Enabling Devices (DREDs) capable air conditioning has been installed;
• Smart Meter installation
All 78 Holborn Apartments have smart meters installed which records real time energy and demand requirements for multilevel residential building;
Learn more about Itara.

greent CBD development

Consortium Partner Cafalo as their contribution to the Solar City Project has investigated Sustainable Design and Energy Efficiency as it applies to a central business district high rise office building. Their report was included in the 2009-10 Annual Report.

During the year, Cafalo has been exploring further efficient building design and has submitted proposals for 6 star buildings to the state government and businesses who are seeking accommodation in Townsville.

Cafalo is active in sharing the lessons learned from the design of sustainability buildings and sustainable projects. These can be accessed from

Greening Federation Place

Retrofitting Federation Place in Townsville for a Sustainable Future
Chester Holdings officially joined the Townsville Queensland Solar City with its project of Greening Federation Place in July 2011. The key objective is to retrofit a Federation era building with sustainable measures that make it an attractive modern office environment.

Federation Place is a prominent and extremely rare heritage listed building located in the Townsville CBD. The 127 year old building constructed in 1885 exemplifies the style of commercial development of the late Victorian era. The building has over the years served northern Australia as a warehouse receiving goods direct from Britain in the late 1800's; in times of war as the war room for the Australian defence forces and later as the Commonwealth Government offices. It is now professional offices, a place of business and is itself a business. The late Victorian classical style facade makes a substantial contribution to the townscape of the city. Internally the majestic wooden staircase and spacious common area serve as a gallery for a significant local art collection. The building by day is accessible to visitors and from time to time hosts soirées and balls.

The Greening of Federation Place was flagged as a unique demonstration of how heritage or older style buildings can evolve into sustainable buildings in the northern dry tropics, which in turn could become a benchmark for other heritage buildings located in tropical regions around the world. Including the Australian Government’s Solar Cities funding, the total project value is more than half a million dollars.
The owner’s visions for the project were:

• A high NABERS rating!

The Greening of Federation Place targeted three principle sustainable initiatives:-
• Energy efficiency: reduction of heat intrusion , a high level of efficiency of mechanical devices and better management of cool air;
• Alternative energy sourcing: district cooling and solar power;
• Community programme: Occupants and visitors would see how the project reduced the buildings impact on the environment and at the same time improved the environment within the building. This would be done via an interpretive centre located in the buildings foyer enabling the story to be presented to the wider community

The design work commenced in September 2011 which was initiated by a workshop involving GHD, Ergon Energy and the building owners. The outcome of the workshop was a road map with the following initiatives targeted:
• water chilling system air condition
• photovoltaic (PV) solar generation system
• painting the following white
• roof
• external brick wall
• energy efficient lighting and natural ventilation of the common area; and
• information feedback through the establishment of an interpretive centre.

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