Citysolar - A Benchmark Community Capacity Building Program
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Townsville City Council Citysolar – Community Capacity Building Program


Townsville City Council's 'Citysolar' program works with partners to deliver tangible programs that increase awareness of sustainability, influence sustainable behaviours and empower stakeholders to create their own initiatives to engage and provoke their audience into an ethos of sustainability.


A key component of this program is the ‘Townsville CitySolar Community Capacity Building Program’ that works together with businesses and residents to create a collective energy-wise response to climate change. Along with a range of innovative activities as part of the program, the Council is investigating and trialing effective methods to support and encourage residents to reduce their home energy demand, leading to lower electricity bills and reduced greenhouse gas emissions across Townsville.

As part of this initiative a community program is being developed based on a range of program design methodologies such as:

  1. 'Community Based Social Marketing’ or CBSM (with the program being the most comprehensive implementation of CBSM in the world, mentored by the co-creator, Dr Doug McKenzie-Mohr); 
  2. ‘Thematic Communication’ advised by Dr Sam Ham; and
  3. ‘Collective Social Marketing’ advised by Prof. Valerie Brown.

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