New incentives for energy efficiency
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New incentives for energy efficiency on Magnetic Island


Island Palms Resort at Nelly Bay on Magnetic Island is the first participant to benefit from the new Solar City incentive vouchers offering $50 to $500 towards energy efficient purchases.

Under the innovative program, designed to encourage action against climate change and available to all Magnetic Island project participants, the Resort has saved $1900 on the purchase of new energy efficient fridges and televisions.

Island Palms Resort Managers John and Sheena Austin said the purchase was part of a planned upgrade to the resort facilities.

“With the help of the voucher system we were able to afford 12 four-star refrigerators and one four-star freezer instead of lesser rated appliances, so our owners now have more environmentally friendly appliances that incur less cost over time.  These have replaced less efficient appliances that were up to 10 years old.

“The current CRT televisions within the units at the resort will be upgraded to LCD screens, which use less energy than plasma televisions and are considerably cheaper to run.

“We have further plans to work with the Solar City Project to continue our pursuit of improved energy efficiency, with washing machines, stoves and air conditioners to be upgraded in all 12 units within the next year.”

Townsville Queensland Solar City Manager Ian Cruickshank said there were a range of 16 possible improvements for residents to choose from.

“This is certainly something to keep in mind when next upgrading appliances or renovating.  Our vouchers provide incentives for participants to make the shift towards increased energy efficiency within their homes and businesses.

“Participants are eligible for incentive vouchers as part of the energy assessment program being carried out to transform Magnetic Island into a Solar Suburb,” he said.

An important condition of the incentive program applies when existing appliances are upgraded, as all redundant appliances must be removed from service and disposed of correctly.

Accordingly, the new voucher system includes the surrender of redundant fridges and clothes dryers for removal by Ergon Energy, also the upgrade of appliances such as dishwashers, fridges and washing machines, conversion to solar or gas, installation of insulation or painting the roof with reflective paint.

The incentives program will only operate for a limited time and is available to all Magnetic Island project participants who have had a free energy assessment by the Townsville: Queensland Solar City project.

The vouchers can be used in conjunction with the relevant government rebates for energy efficiency.

For more information or to register for an assessment, visit the Smart Lifestyle Centre on Horseshoe Bay Road at Horseshoe Bay or phone the Solar City project team on 4758 1674.

The Solar Cities Program is a $94 million Australian Government funded visionary energy initiative bringing together industry, business, governments and communities to rethink the way they produce, use and save energy, now and in the future.  The Ergon Energy-led consortium, including the Queensland Government and Townsville City Council are investing $15 million in the world-class solar initiative.

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